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Landscape Design and Install

We specialize in xeriscaping and water-wise plant selection.  Whether you are considering a xeriscape, a new landscape or a landscape refresh, our goal is to bring your vision to life and provide an environment you love.


Pergolas are a fabulous way to extend your living space to the outdoors.  We work with clients and consider how they will use the space along with their aesthetic, creating each pergola as a custom piece that is beautiful to look at and functional.  Not all pergolas need to look the same. Whether all cedar or a mix of material, whether a small porch pergola or an extensive pergola spanning your house, pergolas add value to your home and how you spend time outdoors.

How we work with you

Flagstone and Pavers

Whether a seating area or a pathway, flagstone or pavers add visual interest while improving the functionality of an area.  Our team is experienced in multiple types of flagstone and pavers.

Fire Pits

There is nothing quite like sitting around a fire.  Share time with family and friends around a custom fire pit.  Whether structured or more casual, we can create a look that is right for your environment that you will enjoy for years to come.


Our fencing division, Fence Lubbock, can build your new fence, or spruce-up and preserve your current fence through staining.  Fences are an important part of your environment, providing security, privacy and a backdrop for your outdoor space.  We build multiple types of fences, both traditional and unique.


All projects start with a client consultation where we gather the client's ideas, likes and dislikes, assess the site and begin to put together a framework of the project


From information gathered during consultation with the client and any follow-up, we design a proposed landscape or structure and review that design with the client. With a design agreed upon, we put together a bid that fits within the client's budget.


We schedule a time to install the design and our team works on-site to create an environment our client loves.  We continue to work closely with the client and address any questions or changes needed throughout the process.

Custom projects

Whether a deck, a new outdoor structure, shutters or privacy panels, using creativity to help meet your needs is what we are about.


After installation, we keep in touch with each client to ensure our work meets their needs and expectations.  Clients can reach back to us a week after install, a year, or more.  We treasure our clients and love that so many come to us for additional projects.

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